Aleister Crowley and the Thelemic State: Frater Enatheleme in interview

In the first of People of Shambhala’s podcasts we speak to Frater Enatheleme, the man behind AC2012, about Aleister Crowley, Thelema, Freemasonry, the “Illuminati,” the esoteric, and politics — with particular focus on Thelema as a political ideology. We also discuss recent revelations that the British Government has asked internet service providers to censor “esoteric material.”

Political positions of AC2012.
Speech in the Silence podcast.
The Open Rights Group reveals the UK Government’s plan to censor “esoteric material.”
Preserve Reigious Freedom Facebook group — protesting against the UK Governments censorship of “esoteric material.”
Aleister Crowley bio at OTO


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Music by Lino Rise (
Lino Rise – “Initiate Frame I”.