Art, fashion, and the gods

Hindu culture was the inspiration behind a recent exhibition of fine art and fashion in Ahmedabad, the largest city of the state of Gujarat, India.

Art gallery Frangipani Art teamed up with the Indian fashion store Elan to exhibit paintings by U D Jain and a line of clothing, designed by Rajdeep Ranawat & Joy Mitra and inspired by Jain’s art.

Detail of painting by U D Jain.

Detail of painting by U D Jain.

The Times of India described the show, called “Transitional Traditions” as the merging of “ancient icons of Indian Gods and Goddesses with the current issues that we grapple with on a daily basis like traffic and safety.”

Jain’s paintings employ a woodblock style for figures, such as Shiva, which are layered on top of more abstract textures and brush strokes, as well as other motifs and symbols. Bringing the sacred and the profane, and the symbology of the old and new, together, some of the religious icons are also juxtaposed against Indian road signs.

2011 design by Rajdeep Ranawat

2011 design by Rajdeep Ranawat.

Fashion designer Ranawa, who collaborated with Jain, describes his own work as a fusion of the “colors and embroideries” of Europe with the “feel of the Orient.” He studied at The Lawrence School, Sanawar and the National Institute of Fashion Technology prior to working in fashion houses in paris and New York.

His line uses bold though sophisticated colors, and an abundance of embroidery and decoration to create clothing that is reminiscent of both the Indian sari and Western couture.