Azsacramerica: Book Review

Azsacramerica: The Future of Rebellion and the Rebellion of the Future seeks to explain the ideas and positions of the contemporary Russian philosopher Azsacra Zarathustra, whose work has largely been expounded through abstract Zen koan-like statements, in his previous books.


While Zarathustra’s own writing (Nihillihin & And Absolute Break of the Spirit) is included in the last section of the book, most of the writing — which seeks to explain the thought of Zarathustra through various essays — is by Thomas Fortenberry, Miguel A. Fernandez, and Conor Wrigley.

“Only in America can freedom truly bed saved,” writes Wrigley, and the ground of the “Overman be created.” The book’s basic premise is that all previous revolutions — communist, and so on — have failed. Zarathustra’s ideals, or Will to Power, represents — in the authors’ views — the best hope of a transformation of America, and the West, into a more integral society, one in which the Overman can live and breathe.

Summing up the spirit of the book, Wrigley tells us that what is needed are “new revolutions of spiritual revolts.” (p. 23.)

The book takes us through philosophy, what’s gone wrong in the West, the influence of Protestantism and even — in some sense — Freemasonry.

Agree or disagree with Azsacramerica, the book is the first to try to explain, in clear terms, Zarathustra’s vision. It is also a thoughtful and readable work.

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