Camus celebrates 150 years with $1,350 bottle cognac

Cognac brand Camus is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year with the launch of its Cuvée 5.150 Cognac, which is priced at $1,350 per bottle.

For those who may not know, cognac is brandy produced inside the Cognac region of France, and esteemed for its exceptional character. Camus is taking its Cuvée 5.150 on a world tour, which kicked off  in the USA this week, at a private dinner at at celebrity chef Scott Conant’s SCM Culinary Suite in SoHo. About 30 guests attended the event, according to Forbes, which was hosted by company President Cyril Camus.

The Camus company was founded in 1863 by Jean-Baptiste Camus who brought together a number of producers under the label “La Grande Marque.”

According to the company website, Camus is the legacy of five generations of accumulated expertise, with current blends still adhering “to the ancestral rules of perfect blending,” which have been recorded in notebooks since the 19th century.

The Cuvée 5.150 is blended from five cognacs, combining five of the six Cognac region grapes, and comes in a decanter by Baccarat.