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The goddess and Hindu rights

Down With Decolonization: Approaching The Hindu Alternative

A knife is sharpened by shaving away all the superfluous material that makes it dull. A sharp knife is a live case of “less is more”: less material means more…

Manisha Kumari

Hindu girls still targeted for rape in Pakistan: world remains silent

The raping of Hindu women and girls “has almost become a trend in Sindh province,” in south Pakistan, claims the Daily Bhaksar. Since the beginning of December, at least two Hindu…


Eurasian Union Presses Forward Despite Western Concern

Western intellectuals tend to think in terms of economics, not culture – perhaps because the former is universal, and most Western intellectuals tend to be post-cultural in relation to their…


Toward a Holistic Politics

Although a relatively obscure thinker in the English-speaking world, it is to the German theorist Oswald Spengler that we must look to find the influence on much of the political…


Why Obama is right to visit Southeast Asia

The stereotype of the ill-informed American tourist afflicts presidents, too, it seems, with the media all too keen to pick up on the “gaffes” of the US head of state…


Belarus expands Asian economic relations

Since recent announcements regarding the impending creation, in 2015, of a Eurasian Union, comprised, initially at least of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, the latter state has been actively strengthening its…


TAPI Pipeline: Despite Security Issues, Bangladesh Expresses Interest

Bangladesh said last week that it is keen to join the TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline project. The pipeline is already projected to cover nearly 1,700 km, and would need to…


Russia to create Eurasian Union

Closer cooperation between Moscow, Minsk and Astana will mean that a supranational parliament, the Eurasian Assembly, will be established says Armen Oganesyan, editor-in-chief of the Russian policy magazine Mezhdunarodnaya Zhizn….


Hindus welcome Australia’s plan to introduce Hindi in schools

Asia’s rise “is not only unstoppable, it is gathering pace,” Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said at the release of a new policy blueprint entitled ‘Asian Century White Paper’. As…