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Tara Fitzgerald nude in Sirens

Sirens: Sex, Faith, and The Decline of The West

Starring Hugh Grant as an English reverend by the name of Anthony Campion and Tara Fitzgerald as his wife Estella — who, on a visit to Australia, go to stay with…


Profane Sacredness: Spirituality, Sexuality and Violence in Art

Can sacred art be ugly? Can it seem even to be against the sacred? There are a couple of contemporary manifestation of religion and imagery that might cause us to…


Sacrifices, priestesses, and the roots of modern sport

“What is remarkable about [ancient] Greek sport,” says David Sansone in Greek Athletics and the Genesis of Sport, “is the seriousness with which it was taken as a  cultural and even…

How to wear a suit: David Bowie, Heathen.

The Higher Man in the modern world: a short survival guide

Can the Higher Man participate in the modern world, elevating his surroundings and giving those around him a glimpse of the transcendental even as he participates in worldly affairs? This…


Merkabah: the esoteric photography of Antonella Arismendi

The work of photographer Antonella Arismendi has appeared in Rolling Stone, British FHM, Vnfold, and DMag, among others. She’s also photographed for a range of clients, including Loreal France, Nike, and Docomo Japan….


MAC Cosmetics’ Orange Revolution

Hayley Williams, singer with American Rock band Paramore, is the new face of MAC cosmetics. The singer, who is known for her trademark dyed orange hair and, sometimes, cosmetics, follows…


Cosmetics: majority support end to animal testing

A recent poll by the Humane Society International and Be Cruelty-Free has shown that the majority of consumers want to see an end to animal testing for cosmetics. The the…


Hijab: beyond the stereotype

“The hijab — the Muslim headscarf — is a simple item of clothing that has the power to represent complex and even contradictory ideas — from tradition and social conservatism…


Louis Vuitton’s allegory of Christ: unpacking LV’s enigmatic ad campaign

Louis Vuitton’s new one-minute film tells us much about the world’s most desirable luggage company, and just as much about ourselves: our history, and our society and its hopes, its…