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Unknown Superiors: Templarism, The Rose Croix, And Freemasonry

When we look at the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau we see a recurring theme of initiates within the rites of Freemasonry, Martinism, Rose Croix, and Templarism. The highest grade is said to…

Sanskrit and its place in Hindutva

The Sanskrit Controversy

Some sixty to forty years ago, the Jan Sangh, precursor of the BJP, was 100% in favour of the replacement of English with a native language. Because the Constituent Assembly…

Native American chief with psychedelic pattern

Mind, Meditation, And The Limits Of Consciousness

The authors of Irreducible Mind claim that psychology when it was invented as a separate discipline, splitting off from philosophy in the nineteenth century, could have gone in two directions….

Wiccan high priestess Maxine Sanders Invoking the goddess nude, or skyclad

Shakti, Goddess Worship and Wicca

If you live in the English speaking world and are drawn to the Old Religion of our Ancestors, chances are you have checked out Wicca. It is the most popular…

Initiation into Freemasonry and Western Esotericism

The Lesser Mysteries We Forgot: Freemasonry, Masculinity, And Initiation

Less than a century ago, fraternities played a major role in the life of men in the USA. The Knights of Pythias, the Odd Fellows, and, of course, the Freemasons…

"Isle of the Dead" by Arnold Böcklin.

Ur-Civilization, Cosmology, And The Invention Of History

The “Lost Civilization” theme has cropped up in kindred literary genres, both fiction and non-fiction, since the authorships of H. Rider Haggard (1856 – 1925), C.  J. Cutcliffe Hyne (1866…

Cave of the Numinous by Craig Williams.

Real Left-Hand Tantra: A Review of Cave of The Numinous

More than a book, the Cave of the Numinous by Craig Williams (Yogacharya Dharma Rakshaka) is a companion for the journey of initiation into esoteric Hinduism. At 159 pages, it is a concise…

male beauty, ethics, and transcendence

Male Beauty: Fantasy, Ethics, and Transcendence

“Women like ‘bad boys’.” One hears this statement fairly frequently as an explanation of why some or other relationship didn’t work out — and you hear it from women, probably…

Nina Hagen in bondage

The Forgotten Women of Punk

Think of Punk, and if you get past bands such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols then you might think of Sid Vicious’s girlfriend Nancy Spugen, or of singer Siouxsie…