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Detail of the cover of The Land of Kui.

Pulp Fiction, Gnosis, and The Allegory of the Lurid

A peculiarity of popular culture, which is also commercial culture, is that it dislikes competing with its own earlier iterations. It therefore tends to be dismissive or even hostile in…


Gnosis, Love, and The Roots of Chivalry

Denis de Rougemont’s Love in the Western World is in part a critique of fictional portrayals of romantic love, whether in film, TV, novels or plays. He argues that the…


Lightning and Thunder From the East: Understanding the Thought of Azsacra Zarathustra

Everyone knows the old Franklin D. Roosevelt quote, “The only thing you have nothing to fear is fear itself.” Well, be afraid. Be very afraid. Be afraid, like Zeus. Because…


American Dasein: The USA and Deep Identity in The Multipolar World

“The US is a community of deeply individualistic mystics,” says Alexander Dugin in his Eurasian Mission: An Introduction to Neo-Eurasianism. We should get something out of the way at the…

Swingeing London 67 Release by Richard Hamilton.

Contempt of The Human: Autonomy, Relationships, and Self-Reflection

Until just a few years ago I imagined that we should be able to generate our own self-conception rather than letting other people’s opinions determine who we think we are….


Sex, Death, and The Esoteric Message of Plato’s Symposium

Introduction: Plato’s Symposium is one of the author’s middle-period dialogues composed, according to scholarship, sometime between 385 and 370 BC, some thirty years at least after the event that it…


Popcorn Nihilism: Negative Thinking As Popular Entertainment

Some truths that have been staring you in the face. Some years ago, one of these — the degree of nihilism to be found in many modern movies — was pointed…

A still from Solaris.

Accidental Metaphysics: How Movies Hit On Philosophical Truths

Plato suggests that some buried part of our souls knows the ultimate truth about all things pertinent to human existence. His metaphysical explanation is that we are our souls and…


Agni: The Sacred Flame of Tantric Physics

Perhaps the most universal concept in all systems of spiritual praxis is the sacred flame. The incendiary imagery of the flame is an apt metaphor for an almost unlimited range…