The Four Warrior Practices for Achieving: Anytime, Anywhere

We’re all human. So why can some face down even the most terrifying situations, overcoming overwhelming odds, and achieving what so many others others might believe impossible? Reading the classical commentaries on the martial arts, listening to contemporary masters, and hearing how contemporary elite military units tackle situations, tells us that there are less than […]

NY Comic Con 2013: Why We Love it

Seeing strange people on the streets of Manhattan isn’t unusual. But, if you were anywhere near the Jacob Javitz Convention Center this weekend, you’ll have seen the hoards of graphic novel obsessed fans descending on the glass and steel center on Manhattan’s West Side. Elves, Japanese chicks in blonde wigs and Victorian dress, Lord of the Ring […]

Soul outside: identity, the body, and advertising in the consumer age

“Japanese ad agency Absolute Territory PR has begun paying young women to wear advertising on their legs. The women must be at least 18-years-old, and they must be connected to at least 20 people on any social media site, since they are contractually required to post images of themselves, wearing their ad, online. Otherwise, the women […]