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Is menswear feminizing men?

Is Fashion Feminizing Men?

“Menswear is getting more feminine,” The Wall Street Journal announced last week. “Vivid colors like turquoise, floral prints, and pattern mixing are the latest trends—for guys. So are lapel flowers,…

Sustainable jewelry by LZZR

LZZR Launches New Sustainable Jewelry Collection

Beauty meets sustainability in the work of LA-based jewelry design label LZZR. Worn by musician’s American Authors, fashion bloggers Viviere Bella, Stylists Emily + Merritt, Actress Grace Helbig and others, LZZR…


Casual Elegance: DRESSADDICT launches new menswear and womenswear lines

“It’s about being unique and enigmatic,” says Artem Gryshchenko about the new men’s and womenswear collections by DRESSADDICT by Artem & Victor. The Kiev-based fashion design label has continued to develop its…

Plus size model Crystal Renn.

Why Plus Size will be the Future Waif

Last week, the all-American brand Abercrombie & Fitch announced that it too would begin using “plus size” models. It’s a big leap for a company whose catalogues have been mocked…

sexy punk girls

Punk, Feminism, and the anarchist Femme Fatale

Young women did much to shape the Punk movement of the late 1970s, even if they often overlooked or relegated to the role of girlfriend and groupie (think “Sid and…


DressAddict Launches New Menswear Line

Urban couture label DressAddict by Artem & Victor has just launched its new menswear collection. Founded in Kiev in 2012 by designer Artem Gryshchenko and Victor Victorov, DressAddict initially focused…

Duran Duran: The Chauffeur.

Authoritarian Personality: Power and Subversion in Popular Culture

Moral superiority is the preferred pose of those lacking knowledge and understanding, it seems. And today, in our neo-Victorian era, morality is all the rage. Facts, thin on the ground,…


Korean Vogue goes martial arts

The June issue of Korean Vogue went all martial arts, with model Soo Joo Park posing in black and white couture with martial arts belts to match. Used in Japanese and…


Platonism, “Pandrogyny” and Panache: how pop hints at the primordial man

The figure of the Hermaphrodite in esoteric symbolism is perhaps one of the strangest and most alien to the ordinary consciousness of man. It has probably always been this way….