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Derrick Coleman of the Seattle Seahawks.

Power is Inside: Derrick Coleman’s Moving Ad for Duracell

If you’re like me, you loathe those ads that appear before almost every video now on YouTube, and fixate on the five second countdown until the click “Skip Ad” button…

Ganesha's head on Lakshmi's body for Australian ginger beer label.

Ganesha Ginger Beer: Does it Offend Hindus?

The head of the Hindu god Ganesha juxtaposed on the body of the goddess Lakshmi. This is the image that appears on the label of a new ginger beer bottle,…


Puma launches “Worn My Way” campaign

“Worn My Way,” says Puma, “is all about being yourself and sharing your individuality.” The sneakers (or “trainers” if you’re speaking British, rather than American, English) giant has set up microsite,,…


American Apparel back with “Unisexy” wear

In the last quarter of 2012, American Apparel lost a whopping $11.2 million (more than double its actual net income). Even before this, critics had all but written the company off…


Soul outside: identity, the body, and advertising in the consumer age

“Japanese ad agency Absolute Territory PR has begun paying young women to wear advertising on their legs. The women must be at least 18-years-old, and they must be connected to at…


Pepsi’s Beyonce ad campaign: some 15 minutes of fame longer than others

Pepsi’s just-launched ad campaign with Beyonce encapsulates the rebranding strategy of the soft drink that has traditionally been seen as number two to Coke. “Consumers are seeking a much greater…

Inappropriate? Model cowgirl in Target's diaper ad.

Target ad campaign: everyday chic? Or wide of the mark?

Everyday products can, we’ve discovered, be repackaged and rehabilitated. Mash potato, regarded, only a decade ago, as a food made by mother for their children, is now a staple of…


Men reject current depiction of “masculinity” in advertising: research

Men respond negatively to portrayals of the masculine sex in advertising, says Cele Otnes, professor of advertising and of business administration at the College of Business, Illinois, in the USA….


Fashion and the making of the global consumer

“There’s a lot of discussion right now in fashion not about the US consumer, but about the global consumer,” remarked Sally Singer — editor-in-chief of T, the New York Times style magazine — on…