Olympic Zen: the athletic body in 2012

They were first held in around 700 BC, in honor of the Greek god Zeus. Women and non-Greeks were banned. But, today, the Olympics is a global event, pitting the nation states against each other in a game of diplomatic, sporting chess. Uniforms, spectacle, and sponsorship matter as much as who wins and who loses […]

Militant feminine: vanguards of style

In 2012 Moschino launched its collection of military chic womenswear in Milan. In mostly black and white with touches of “girly pink,” the brand’s final statement on war seemed to be delivered with a biker’s jacket bearing a large peace sign on the back. This hasn’t been the only expression of military chic so far […]

Cheekbones: A brief history

Until about a century ago women, depicted in painting and other visual media, had cheeks, but, you’ll  notice, not cheek bones. There’s rouge and skin, but the cheekbones aren’t a feature. A look at virtually any magazine shoot today shows that a woman’s cheekbones are a prominent part of her elegance. Why the change? During […]