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Tokyo Fashion Label Shows Models in Burkas

American fashion Diesel recently caused a stir when one of its ads featured a woman wearing a denim niqab (veil). Female Muslim dress appears to be becoming something of a…

Sacred site: shrine of Hujr Ibn Adi Al Kindi before being desecrated.

Free Syrian Army desecrates Islamic holy shrine

The shrine of a companion of both Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, and Imam Ali has been desecrated in Adra, Damascus, Syria. The shrine of Hujr Ibn Adi Al-Kindi was reportedly…


Saudi Arabia sentences pro-human rights Shi’a cleric to execution

Saudi Arabia has said it will execute a Shi’a cleric for “blasphemy.” Ayatollah Nimr Baqr al-Nimr, a leading voice against discrimination of the Shi’a in Saudi Arabia, was arrested in July…


Cancer center studies meditation as aid to recovery process

Minnesota oncologist and Masonic Cancer Center member Anne Blaes, M.D. has embarked on a study of  mindfulness meditation as an aid to recovery after Cancer treatment. “The anxiety and depression…


Syrian artist comments on civil war with Klimt’s Kiss

A Syrian artist has used the image of Gustav Klimt’s painting “The Kiss” to comment on the war raging in his homeland. In what is perhaps Klimt’s best-known work, a…


“Contend with Putin’s Russia,” US think tank urges Obama

A leading US “watchdog,”Freedom House, has published a new report, urging President Obama to “contend” with Russia. The report sets out a new, highly confrontational “agenda” for the Obama administration,…


John Kerry calls for stronger US ties with Pakistan

Sen. John Kerry (Democrat, Massachusetts) was recently confirmed as US Secretary of State, replacing Hilary Clinton. At his confirmation hearing, however, Sen. Kerry was grilled by Sen. Rand Paul (Ruplican, Kentucky)…


India commemorates Republic Day

India commemorated the 64th Republic Day on Saturday, January 26. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh paid homage to the unknown soldier at the red sandstone India Gate war memorial in New Delhi….

An artist's impression of the proposed Hindu temple, Putrajaya.

Putrajaya, Malaysia’s admn. Capital, to have 1st Hindu temple

Putrajaya, the seat of Malaysia government, will have its first Hindu temple in the near future. Reports suggest that the required approval has been granted and after groundbreaking ceremonies in…