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  1. im from baghdad
    and i love peopleofshambhala

  2. Are you connected to the Legend shambhala and mahatmas?Please tell me its very Important.

    1. Dear Veeresh,

      Thank you for your question. We are interested in the Tibetan Buddhist myth of Shambhala, yes, and you will note that we publish quite a lot on Hinduism. We do not have any connections to the Mahatmas per se, though. Namaste.

  3. M. V. Sathyanarayana says: Reply

    Hi friends,Where are you from, I mean city and country? We, Hindus believe that the new 10 th Avatar of Lord Vishnu will take birth in a place called SHAMBALA. The Avatar takes the name of KALKI. You may be aware of this. I wish to know why you named your ezine as SHAMBALA. Did you get any kind of inspiration from any incident, book or person?With regards

    1. Thanks for your questions. Our writers are located all across the globe, though many are in the USA. We have also published a number of Indian writers. You are correct in your assumption; the name People of Shambhala was inspired by Buddhist and Hindu mythology, such as you mention. Best wishes.

  4. Very interesting articles, just loving it. Do you know about kalki avatar.
    KALKI MAHA AVATAR arrived on Indian Soil after passing the 4,32,000 Years of KALIYUGA.
    for more information please visit kalki maha avatar.
    you can get all the answers regarding kalki avatar and kaliyuga.

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