Freemasons Desperately Seeking Attention

Masonic Youth.

Freemasons in Britain are “advertising for an 18-25 year old to appeal to a ‘younger generation’,” according to The Telegraph“The successful applicant for the UK post,” the newspaper reports, “does not have to already be a Freemason though they will be expected to become one and it is initially a voluntary job.”

Masonic youth.
Masonic youth.

The Masonic organization in question is the British Federation of International Co-Freemasonry. This is a very small, breakaway branch of the fraternity that admits both men and women, and sees itself as more spiritual than mainstream Freemasonry.

But, rather than concerning itself with eternal values, the society seems to think that political correctness and buzz about young people will somehow prove attractive.

“It’s 2013,” says the Co-Masonic organization’s spokesperson, “let’s start reaching out to all the wonderful young people out there and let’s start making them aware of how becoming a Freemason can help them in life. […] What’s more it is open to anyone aged 18 or over regardless of their gender, race or religion.”

If we know anything about young people, we know that they’re not fooled by some know-nothing youth fronting an organization that claims to possess Mysteries about life and death and God.

Sure, young people want pop music and movies fronted by young, sexy individuals. But when it comes to spirituality, they, like the rest of us, expect a bit of gravitas. We can think of no serious spiritual society (with the exception of a few cults, maybe) fronted by a teen or twenty-something.

Jumping on the bandwagon of politically correct decline, as first advocated by the Church of England, seems no recipe at all for saving Co-Masonry in Britain.

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