Going underwater: Mulberry launches new fashion ad campaign

Mulberry’s new fashion ad campaign focuses on tones and textures of the ocean, with backdrops comprised of oversized coral and bubbles, and an emphasis on pastel colors.

Model Meghan Collison stars in the ad campaign for the British fashion design company, which was shot by photographer Tim Walker.

“This season I wanted to focus on the girl as part of the landscape,” Walker is reported to have said, “rather than a character within it.” Walker described Collison, who is originally from Alberta, Canada, as “almost otherworldly.”

collison_mulberryCollison is signed to Next Models. Her gaunt — “waif” — and androgynous features are something of a throwback to the early nineties “Heroin Chic.” However, besides modeling in numerous catwalk shows for major designers, she also appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia, in October 2012, and has been the star of other fashion ad campaigns, including Nordstrom, Fall 2012.

Walker has reportedly said that Collison was the “perfect choice” for Mulberry. The dreamlike seascape backdrop to the campaign reflects not just Collison’s “almost otherworldly” characteristics, but Mulberry’s new line, which exploits pastel colors and intricate detailing, such as sequined fabric, texture and “ditsy” floral prints.