Henry Corbin’s Iranian Islam published in Italian language

Iran Book News Agency has reported that the first volume of Henry Corbin’s “Iranian Islam collection” has just been released in an Italian language edition.


Although lesser known than many more contemporary works, Corbin’s Iranian Islam is considered something of a classic in its field, and deals with the more Gnostic and esoteric side of the faith.

Described as a “French philosopher, theologian and professor of Islamic Studies,” by IBNA, Corbin studied at the Sorbonne, learning Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Sanskrit, and taking his diploma in Persian, Turkish and Arabic languages.

According to IBNA, the Italian language edition “was printed in 2012 by Mimesis and has been released in the current year in the Italian book market.”

“The work comprises seven sections discussing Shi’ism in Iran,” says IBNA, “the meaning of twelve Shi’a, spiritual developments in Shi’ism, the Holy Book, secrets and interpretations, knowing the Prophet, knowing imams, and the status of imams in Shi’ism.”