Karma Capitalism: How Hindu Philosophy Can Transform Business — An Interview With Ram Nidumolu

From environmental damage and the exploitation of third world workers (including the use of child labor), to bonuses for CEOs who have done nothing more than sink the companies they were hired to lead. We all know the problems of what is sometimes called “crony capitalism.” All too often, business leaders have left their ethics, and their humanity, outside of business.

Yet, this is only one side of the story. Some business leaders and thinkers have begun advocating new models, in which business will, they hope, play a leading role in protecting the environment, and in ensuring economic prosperity for the poor, and better conditions for employees and society more broadly.

One of the leading voices for change is Ram Nidumolu, author of Two Birds in a Tree: Timeless Indian Wisdom for Business Leaders. We speak with him about how he believes Hindu philosophy can positively impact business, and improve our lives and our relationship both with our own “Being” and with nature.

You can read People of Shambhala’s review of Two Birds in a Tree here.

And you can pick up a copy from Amazon.com here.

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