KarmaGoal: Crowdfunding for Personal Achievement

A new website called KarmaGoal is making crowdfunding more personal, and more spiritual. It’s about making “a better you,” and, with a bit of luck, a better world.

You probably know about crowdfunding. For creative endeavors and business startups it’s been around for a while: A lesser-known illustrator might be able to crowdfund the production of a book or graphic novel. A fashion designer might seek out crowdfunding for the launch of an eco-friendly dress.

The idea behind KarmaGoal is that you can get a little extra incentive for those personal challenges you’ve decided you need to take up — though don’t necessarily want to do with all your heart — whether that’s getting in shape with yoga, helping clean up the local environment, quitting smoking, going on the diet your doctor ordered, or something else.

karmagoal-crowdfunding-for-personal-motivation“Change can happen anytime, anywhere. The first step is deciding,” says said Patrick Santiago, Co-Founder of KarmaGoal. “We help you rally your support and community online.” KarmaGoal.com is free to sign up. Users just need to set up a campaign on their personal fundraising profile page. There, members can post stories, photos, and videos about their projects and then seek support for their goals by way of pledges.

Pledgers are usually friends and family of individual users, who want to send their friend or loved one a few dollars to encourage them to stay on track and to achieve their goal. Giving gifts might be more customary, but KarmaGoal may be onto something. Donations might pay for patches for someone quitting smoking, for therapy sessions, or for a short break for a couple that are working through some issues.

Following the fundraising profile page, pledgers are able to get updates on how well their sponsored person is doing. And at the end of the campaign period, the pledgers can vote to decide if they’ve accomplished their goal.

“By the time your campaign is over, you’ve become a better and richer you! Truly, crowdfunding coupled with completed goal can result in a better you!” says Santiago. You can check out KarmaGoal here.

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