Ke$ha: party girl goes occult princess for video

American electro-pop icon Ke$ha, 25, burst on to the stage with songs such as Tik Tok, glamorizing reckless teenage-like behavior. Like most young pop stars, she’s moved to edgier and darker themes, rebranding herself in a more adult mode.

Ramping up the black, mirrored, sorta-punky attire of her single “We R Who We R,” in the video for her latest single, “Die Young,” Ke$ha appears as an occult priestess-cum-party girl. Hypnotizing unsuspecting posters into wild orgies beneath flashing occult signs, the aesthetics of the video are, however, distinctly Agent Provocateur. In 2008, the chic lingerie company launched its “Season of the Witch” campaign. Notably, the color and lighting is similar. Both have faux orgies going on. And both heavily feature the pentagram.

The symbol is often associated with the neo-pagan religion of Wicca, although it appeared earlier in medieval, European, Christian occultism as a symbol of the five wounds of Christ, as well as in an array of other arts and sciences. In architecture, for example, it was associated with the geometrical “golden mean.”

Wiccans may well be upset by Ke$ha’s new video, since the symbol also appears along with others, such as an upside down cross (usually considered a Satanic emblem) and the Eye of Horus. Clearly, the video uses the symbols to push the video beyond the now rather predictable orgy and lesbian scenes, and to heighten the viewer’s sense of taboo breaking and voyeurism.

it’s curious that occultism has become so mainstream that it can be featured prominently in pop videos aimed, to a large degree, at teenagers. Only a century ago, it was considered a secret “Art and Science,” with the “secrets” shrouded in systems of initiations, degrees, and rituals. One wonders what the occultists of old would make of it all? it’s good fun for people that are emotionally mature, and get the references, and how the symbols are being used and, perhaps, abused. But I suspect that most of the old occultists themselves would find it all a bit irresponsible.