Masonic Mystery Novel ‘Harmony of Isis’ Published

The roots of Freemasonry, the world’s oldest fraternity, is the theme of The Harmony of Isis by anthropologist Catherine M. Walter. The book unfolds as Maggie, as The Harmony of Isis‘s heroine, discovers long-hidden secrets about a region of the USA originally settled by Freemasons, consequently becoming entwined in a battle between good and evil played out through […]

Is Hinduism Rational? (Part II)

“Subration is the mental process whereby one disvalues some previously appraised object or content of consciousness because of its being contradicted by a new experience. […] From the standpoint of the subject, to subrate means to undergo an experience — practical, intellectual, or spiritual — which radically changes one’s judgment about something. An object or […]

Esoteric Civilization: Spirituality, Transcendence, Rebellion and Culture in the Modern Era

Is Western civilization esoteric? If so, is this because or despite the influence of Christianity? We explore esoteric spirituality and its relation to law and ordinary culture; Freemasonry, Christianity, and ancient Greek culture; the nature of esoteric spirituality, and more. Music by Lino Rise ( Lino Rise – “Initiate Frame I”.