TAPI Pipeline: Despite Security Issues, Bangladesh Expresses Interest

Bangladesh said last week that it is keen to join the TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline project. The pipeline is already projected to cover nearly 1,700 km, and would need to…


Ke$ha: party girl goes occult princess for video

American electro-pop icon Ke$ha, 25, burst on to the stage with songs such as Tik Tok, glamorizing reckless teenage-like behavior. Like most young pop stars, she’s moved to edgier and…


Russia to create Eurasian Union

Closer cooperation between Moscow, Minsk and Astana will mean that a supranational parliament, the Eurasian Assembly, will be established says Armen Oganesyan, editor-in-chief of the Russian policy magazine Mezhdunarodnaya Zhizn….


Hindus welcome Australia’s plan to introduce Hindi in schools

Asia’s rise “is not only unstoppable, it is gathering pace,” Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said at the release of a new policy blueprint entitled ‘Asian Century White Paper’. As…

Watercolor by Wendy Artis.

Elgin Marbles given new life in watercolor exhibition

One of the most important artifacts of the ancient world — the Elgin Marbles — has come to the USA in the form of a new watercolor exhibition in Boston….


French spiritual author Rene Guenon translated into Farsi

In recent decades the writings of French metaphysician Rene Guenon (1886-1951) have been quietly gaining more adherents in the Middle East, Asia and the Balkans. Guenon is one of the…


Black cabaret: how Goth got its look

Goth came together in the aftermath of Punk in early 1980s Britain, but its “look” has a long pre-history. Even leaving aside the building of the Gothic cathedrals in the…


Diamond Way Buddhism celebrates 40 years in Denmark

On Thursday 9th August, H.H. 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje, leader of the Karma Kagyu school, celebrated with Lama Ole Nydahl and 3,000 of their Buddhust students. They were celebrating…


Initiation, Islam and globalism: an interview with Charles Upton

Charles Upton is a Traditionalist and Sufi Muslim, and the author of 17 books on spirituality. His most recent book is Vectors of the Counter-Initiation: The Course and Destiny of…