Swingeing London 67 Release by Richard Hamilton.

Contempt of The Human: Autonomy, Relationships, and Self-Reflection

Until just a few years ago I imagined that we should be able to generate our own self-conception rather than letting other people’s opinions determine who we think we are….


Rihanna Revolution: Black Nationalism and Resistance in American Oxygen

Probably the most interesting and provocative music video of the last decade has provoked perhaps predictable tepid moralizing from certain quarters. If you haven’t seen it, do. Interspersed with footage…


Sex, Death, and The Esoteric Message of Plato’s Symposium

Introduction: Plato’s Symposium is one of the author’s middle-period dialogues composed, according to scholarship, sometime between 385 and 370 BC, some thirty years at least after the event that it…


In Praise of Shadows: A Short Review of the Work of Azsacra Zarathustra

Part Brahman (Hindu priest) and part Kshatriya (warrior) — in terms of “warfare, aggression, and valour” — is how Dr. Santosh Kumar describes Russian author Azsacra Zarathistra. Zarathustra is the…


Punisher: A Symbol of Iraqi Freedom And Un-Americanism?

“Nobody asked my permission.” This is the slightly un-superhero-like response of Gerry Conway, one of the creators of the Punisher comic book character, to its recent adoption by Iraqi and some…


Popcorn Nihilism: Negative Thinking As Popular Entertainment

Some truths that have been staring you in the face. Some years ago, one of these — the degree of nihilism to be found in many modern movies — was pointed…

A still from Solaris.

Accidental Metaphysics: How Movies Hit On Philosophical Truths

Plato suggests that some buried part of our souls knows the ultimate truth about all things pertinent to human existence. His metaphysical explanation is that we are our souls and…


Agni: The Sacred Flame of Tantric Physics

Perhaps the most universal concept in all systems of spiritual praxis is the sacred flame. The incendiary imagery of the flame is an apt metaphor for an almost unlimited range…

Prince Hall Shriners

Freemasonry, Islam, and Radical Spirituality: A Review of The Crescent And The Compass

[Note: The review below is about The Crescent and The Compass by Angel Millar, editor of, and a regular contributor to, People of Shambhala.] The Crescent and The Compass: Islam,…