A Review of Martin Heidegger: Philosophy of Another Beginning by Alexander Dugin

Martin Heidegger and Alexander Dugin

Forty years after his death Martin Heidegger (1889 – 1976) remains a lightning-rod for controversy.  Heidegger might be the central philosophical figure of the Twentieth Century, as many of his enthusiasts have claimed. He might be a polysyllabic blowhard, as Theodor W. Adorno — himself an accomplished polysyllabic blowhard — contended in his Jargon of […]

Oneness: Where Mysticism and Morality Meet

(Editor’s Note: In the article below Prof. Richard Cocks looks at morality and its relationship to mysticism. Though a generally ignored subject, it is also an important one for the contemporary age. Notably, meditation, altars dedicated to all of the religions’ deities, and so on, were a part of the Occupy movement, which saw itself as […]

Who Killed Buddha-Nature? The Outsider in an Age of Consumer Radicalism

“Hipsters,” a friend complained to me recently, are too “decadent.” My friend is a highly intelligent young man, and makes many valuable points. But he was, on this occasion, completely wrong. Hipsters aren’t decadent enough. As a society we are becoming ever less decadent, because we are becoming more self-obsessed. Decadence isn’t silly self-indulgence. It isn’t […]

Gnosis, Love, and The Roots of Chivalry

Denis de Rougemont’s Love in the Western World is in part a critique of fictional portrayals of romantic love, whether in film, TV, novels or plays. He argues that the conception of love perennially served up for our entertainment makes no real sense and in the worst case, make us dissatisfied with relationships based on […]