Podcast of spirituality, politics, and self-overcoming: launch announcement

People of Shambhala is proud to announce its new podcast of spirituality, politics, and self-overcoming. We’ll be speaking with authors, thinkers and spiritual practitioners from a range of traditions, from Western esotericism and alternative religion to Buddhism and Hinduism as well as those who are blazing new intellectual and political trails.

Radio Free Shambhala — as we’re calling it unofficially, is about thinking outside the box, and bringing readers (and now listeners) new perspectives and information. We’ll be asking the big questions to help us look anew at the world today and where we’re headed; to envision a more holistic future, and how we might get there; and what we can do today to live more authentic, spiritually fulfilling lives.


Some of the issues we hope to look at include authentic living, spiritual practice, health and diet, building a business on spiritual values, Dharma, Traditionalism and the occult, martial arts, Western esotericism and Freemasonry, and religion and religious conflict in the world today.

The first podcast will air on Saturday morning, August 3.

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