Protection of a Holy Rebellious Yes to Life: Book Release

The writing of Azsacra Zarathustra is as difficult to comprehend as the man himself. A philosopher, poet, martial artist and mystic, Zarathustra, it should be said, seems to challenge in his very being the tepid nature of modernity. His call is for us to live and think in white-hot extremes.


Fortunately, CyberWit has just released Protection of a Holy Rebellious Yes to Life, a collection of writings analyzing and exploring the meaning of Zarathustra and his work.

Included are essays from Prof. Hardev Singh Virk (head of the physics department and director of the Earthquake Research Center, Guru Nanak Dev University, India), Conor Wrigley (writer and musician), Gwendolyn Taunton (publisher of Numen Books), and Niraj Kumar (author) among others. I was personally especially pleased to see that two essays of mine are also included in Protection of a Holy Rebellious Yes to Life.

One or two essays are published in French and Spanish, which gives the book a somewhat three dimensional, cultural and artistic feel, though English speakers need not fear; the vast majority of the book is in English. Perhaps the most controversial writing is by Jack Larsen on “Azsacra Vs. Evola: Overcoming Traditionalism; Overcoming the Conservative Revolution,” which is a comparison of the positions of controversial metaphysician and Traditionalist Julius Evola with those of Zarathustra. Unlike others, this essay reads like a kind of poem or catechism:

Evola: The Conservative Revolution.
Azsacra: The Absolute Revolution.

Evola: Beyond Good and Evil.
Azsacra: Beyond the Beyond.

Rounding the book off nicely, the last two works are by Zarathustra himself: The State is but the Great Mirror of Illusions, and NIHILLIHIN.

Protection of a Holy Rebellious Yes to Life is also is a very stylish and elegant-looking little volume. The cover is printed in black, red and white on both the outside and, unusually, inside, and it has a number of black and white illustrations, sigils and motifs throughout.

All in all, this should be a welcome addition to the library of any thinking individual. You can pick up a copy from CyberWit here, or from here.

Angel MillarAngel Millar is the editor of People of Shambhala and the author of The Crescent and the Compass: Islam, Freemasonry, Esotericism, and Revolution in the Modern Age (March 2015).

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