Spiritual Crisis in the Modern World: Greg Kaminsky in interview

In our second podcast on spirituality, we talk to Greg Kaminsky of Occult of Personality, a long-running podcast dedicated to Western esotericism, Gnosticism, the occult, and related subjects. Some of the subjects we tackle in this conversation include the organic nature of civilizations, spirituality and power, “storming heaven,” contact with the spiritual entities, the real nature of angels, touching the “Creator,” the relationship of exoteric and esoteric.


Occult of Personality.

Occult of Personality on Facebook.
Oswald Spengler bio at The Modernism Lab, Yale University.

Short Oswald Spengler bio at Duke University.

Decline of the West at Fordham University.
Jean Gebser Society.
GaiaMind article on Jean Gebser.


Podcast credits:

Music by Lino Rise ( www.linorise.de)
Lino Rise – “Initiate Frame I”.

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  1. No One Who Knows says: Reply

    No one who is well-known knows, for they spend too much time saying they know to really know. No one who is popular knows a damned thing worth knowing. They know who to know. No one with a website, no one with a platform, no one with followers, hits, likes, an agent, a business manager, publisher, publicist, or popular guru knows anything worth a damn knowing. No one who blares trumpets; not Crowley, Mathers, Gardner, Regardie, Parsons, Case, Neuberg, Jones, Tyson, Cicero, Blavatsky, Farr, Yeats, Rohmer, LaVey, Aquino, Hubbard, Trungpa, Gyatso, Ginsberg, Spare. . . knows a damned thing I need or want to know.

    It’s Know, Dare, Will, and KEEP SILENT.

    I love you.

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