Technology, Terror, And Transcendence: An Interview With Greg Kaminsky

Occult of Personality has become well known for its high quality podcast interviews with authors, historians, and practitioners of spirituality, ranging from Western esotericism to Voudon. Here we turn the tables on Greg Kaminsky, publisher of Occult of Personality, and interview him about his thoughts on technology, terror, and the possibility of transcendence in the internet era.

Among the subjects covered, we look at are:

Ernst Junger and the fear endemic in an age of technology
Aleister Crowley and the threat to liberty
Technology as an aid to spiritual practices
Technology and Terrorism
And the threat to the “net neutrality”


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Ernst Junger, The Forest Passage
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder
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Net Neutrality 101 at Save The Internet

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