Tibetan Mysticism, Russian Monarchy, Holy War: von Ungern Sternberg — an Interview With Andrei Znamenski

In People of Shambhala’s latest podcast, Andrei Znamenski speaks about Roman von-Ungern-Sternberg, alittle-known but important character in late revolutionary and early-Bolshevik Russia. A fanatical monarchist, von-Ungern-Sternberg wanted to save Russia — and by extension European and Asian nations — from Bolshevism and the upheavals of revolution, and sought support for his worldview and militarism in Tibetan mysticism.

Von-Ungern-Sternberg took many wrong ideological turns, and his self-imposed mission ended in failure. Yet, this strange and enigmatic character represents some of the darker aspects of the convergence of the early twentieth century fascination with Tibetan legend, mysticism, and magic with geopolitical aims.


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