Vogue to launch fashion cafe in Dubai

Fashion and lifestyle publishers Conde Nast is planning to open a cafe in Dubai in 2013, capitalizing on the emirate’s reputation for a flair for fashion.

Conde Nast publications include GQ, Details, Vanity Fair, and Vogue.

Vogue Cafe will be located inside the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa. Standing at 2,717 foot-tall, it’s home to Hotel Armani Dubai, the world’s only hotel developed by American fashion designer Giorgio Armani.

Vogue Cafe will be a joint venture with Ginza Restaurants.

Stuart Nielsen, director of Conde Nast‘s restaurant division says that, “The expatriate community and the local Emirati community are very conscious of brands. People always love to eat and drink, and we see an opportunity because they love fashion.”

“Vogue Cafe Dubai is our first step into the Middle East market, and together with the GQ Bar,” he says, “forms an integral part of Conde Nast International’s strategy to expand its celebrated media brands into restaurants and bars around the world. We are working with the best local partners in Dubai, and will absolutely respect the laws and values of the land.”

Dubai has 1.3 million residents, most of them expats. The second largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates, it is one of the Middle East’s major tourist destinations, and is generally viewed as modern and cosmopolitan, although there are laws against public sexual conduct and drinking. The American Hooters chain planned to open a restaurant in Dubai in 2007 but the skimpy waitress outfits and the selling of alcohol violated local laws, and the project did not go ahead. Although Vogue Cafe will serve European-style cuisine, it will not offer alcohol for sale.

As a major Middle Eastern fashion capital, Dubai has already attracted the West’s major luxury brands, all of whom have at least one store there. Bloomingdales’ only non-US store is located in Dubai. The emirate is also the home of Dubai Fashion Week and the French fashion college ESMOD Dubai.